Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"On Fire": (VIDEO) A Married Woman Shares What She Misses About Being Single

Date yourself, learn to first fall in love with real you. If your looking to date just to feel validation, self worth & happiness, you can soon find an other person can't do enough to ever completely you. First find out who God says you are & accept his love, he is the only one who mend the brokenness & fill your emptiness within you heart.:

This blog has brought me a lot of blessings...

Not a husband (YET-LOL) but many other things including a really good friend and a goddaughter through her named Grace Ella Wave Stypmann.

Her mom and I have a lot of conversations about...all sorts of things, including marriage. Sometimes, she'll talk about what she misses about the single life, so I asked her to compile it in a video. In between doing things for her husband, child and career (pretty much in that order, good for her!), she recorded this for me. Well, for us.

It's real talk. Please take it in and pass along to other single women.

Straight from the wife's mouth. ;-)
Don't regret *or rush* your singleness. EMBRACE IT!!!

Proverbs 12:4,


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